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Scuba Diving is an incredible and dangerous sport, full of sights, feelings and emotions you will not experience on land. Whether you are just intrigued by diving, have dived or dive for a job ILoveScubaDiving hopes to show you all the amazing products and some great places to dive.

SCUBA means – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and is basically swimming under water using compressed air to breathe. This means you can stay under water for long periods of time to really take in the sights without having to swim to the surface for air!

The main things a scuba diver needs to dive safely and to have fun are;
A Mask
You’ll struggle to see underwater without a mask!

These help to make you streamlined, using less energy, but importantly they help you move through the water.

BCD or Wing
Buoyancy control is key to Scuba Diving, one of these is a must.

This is what you breathe through, so probably the most important part of the scuba kit!

Exposure Suit
This will keep you warm under water. They come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of diving.

Dive Computer
It is important to keep an eye on how deep you are and how long you have been down, as well as how much air you have left to breathe, you can grab this information from a dive computer.

There are lots of clips, gadgets, gizmos, pipes, bags etc etc you will need to keep your kit in tip top condition.

Most dive centres will provide the kit you need, but most people like to have their own, especially things like masks and regulators.