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Apeks Black Rubber Watch

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Watch
Apeks Black Rubber Watch - 500m

1 (1) Monitoring time is important for all Scuba Divers. Although you can spend hours venturing to the depths of the sea, it is important that you are able to monitor time as you don’t want to be stranded. This is where the Apeks Black Rubber watch comes in. The Apeks watch has been tested to 500 meters and the watch enables it’s user to accurately tell the right minute, hour and date. The watch also has a strong stainless steel case so that no water can affect the watch what so ever.

This watch is great, especially is you have a scheduled dive. The watch enables for you to tell the time whilst in the depths of the ocean, enabling you to stay on schedule. The strap is also made of polyurethane strap that will provide you with comfort and no irritation whilst diving.

As well as offing a fantastic product, Simply Scuba have also included the Apeks Rubber Watch in their sale with reductions of 9%. The Watch was formally £92.75, however, it is now £83.95 which makes the watch even more attractive.

The Apeks watch is definitely a desirable product for many divers and provides you with a stylish and practical way of telling time while diving. The Watch would be perfect for a gift for any diving enthusiast in the family. The product is available from Simply Scuba and includes great reductions.

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