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Aqualung Traveler 1600 Roller Bag

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Bag

travel Every Scuba diver knows that transporting your equipment around can be frustrating and time consuming. Scuba Diving equipment can weigh a lot which is an annoyance for all. However, Deep Blue Diving are now offering the Aqualung Traveler 1600 Roller Bag, a bag designed to help you with the transportation of your goods.

The Aqualung Traveler is made from heavy duty Nylon and is designed to keep all of you equipment safe and secure during transportation. The bag also includes padding which will offer your equipment that little bit more protection. Whether you are going on a holiday based around Scuba Diving, or you are traveling 30 miles to the nearest pool, the Aqualung Traveler will keep you equipment safe and secure

The Aqualung Traveler also offers: backpack straps that make easy carrying, a lightweight extendable aluminium handle, and a removable bag strap to ensure that the transportation of your equipment goes as swiftly as possible.

The Aqualung traveler also offers an external ID pocket and internal fin pockets to ensure that all of your equipment is neatly placed. There is nothing worse than opening your bag to find your equipment all over the place and with the Aqualung Traveler your equipment will be safe, secure and organised.

The Aqualung Traveler also comes at a great price. The Aqualung Traveler originally had a rrp of £142.00 however, it is now priced £62.00 as it is part of Deep Blue Dives reductions.

Overall, the Aqualung Traveler is a great bag to own as it keeps your equipment safe and organised. The bag offers a lot to any Scuba Diver and if you have Scuba diving enthusiast in the family then it is a great gift idea for Christmas.

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