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BlueOTwo – A Holiday Review

Posted August 25, 2012 by admin in Blog

27th July 2012 – 4th August 2012 – Hurghada.

The crew from DiveNut headed out to Egypt to experience a liveaboard with BlueOTwo. We were supposed to be on a tour called ‘Simply The Best’ – Let’s start with the highlights (then we’ll get to the bits I didn’t enjoy ;) ).

  • Sexy Graham, the dive guide. Hot!
  • Plenty of laughs from the DiveNut team and all the others on board the boat. (Mankini’s, Timmy 2 strips, the rib)
  • Really clean boat with really attentive staff
  • Plenty on board to do including jacuzzi, spacious sun deck, massive telly with a semi-decent selection of films, huge library of books, good bar facilities, air conditioned throughout.
  • Refreshments all through the day (although limited if you can’t eat chocolate)
  • Comfortable rooms with enough space for your belongings and a wet room shower/toilet. Air conditioned cabins. Toilets cleaned twice a day which is good!
  • The deck hands were extremely helpful with getting kit on and off each dive, they also put kit together between dives, so you never had to do it. Just a tank check needed.
  • Dive briefs were well thought out and thorough. They offered dive guides which was nice, or they offered you the chance to go off alone.
  • Large spacious dive deck.
  • They brought a cup of tea to you in the morning, just after the wake up call – that was nice.

We started the holiday at 9am on the Friday, meeting up at the centre then bundling into a taxi to Manchester airport. We started drinking in the taxi, which was more to settle the nerves as the taxi driver was going hell for leather round the country lanes. When we got to the airport, check in was easy and we had a potter around the duty free before getting a few cheeky beers. The flight was about 5 hours, and we were given some food which was airport standard.

We were met from the friendly staff from BlueOTwo at the airport who were really helpful when it came to sorting out some numpty who had taken one of our bags by mistake. We then got on a bus to the harbour, and greeted by yet more guides. A great point here was being given nice cold water for the 15 minute bus journey. We were then boarded onto the BlueOTwo flagship – M/Y Blue Horizon, which in the dark harbour was really impressive.

After some breifings and putting our kit together, we had our first evening meal and set sail for the first dive site.

I’ll be reviewing each dive site shortly, so this is just about the holiday as a whole.

Now for the bad points…

  • Up at 5.30am every day which felt a little like a school trip.
  • Not allowed to chuck loo roll down the loo – a bit gross! (Although I get why…)
  • The rooms were quite small, especially for those who had upgraded.
  • A bit pushy on selling merchandise – although that may have been my receptiveness to shopping…
  • The boys were upset about the lack of female instructors ;)
  • We only did 18 dives when we were expecting to do 24. A bit of a disappointment when you have paid a lot of money. Diving: How many dives per day will I get?
  • Wi-Fi – Really annoyed about this to be honest – as someone who runs their own business one of the big selling points for me was the Wi-Fi – Onboard: Internet All four blue o two vessels, M/Y blue Fin, M/Y blue Horizon, M/Y blue Melody and M/Y blue Voyager have been kitted out with wireless internet access.The Wi-Fi can be used onboard FREE OF CHARGE and will be available where there is a signal for email and web browsing. Please note that Egyptian internet is not of European standard and access will be limited (mainly available when closer to land).” This was false. So very false, even in harbour, the internet was limited if that. There was no way you could check emails or even do some facebooking. Personally – I wouldn’t advertise this, but should there be internet – allow it to guests as a perk.
  • Food – whilst I get that there are no shops in the middle of the sea, the food was pretty basic, consisting of fruit, rice, pasta and meat/fish. As someone with food intollerances, they did try their best to cater for me, and I lost over a stone due to the diet and diving. The other people on board however by the end of the week got pretty bored of rice and pasta. For a ‘flagship’ this was pretty disappointing.
  • Whilst the staff in general were very attentive and friendly and up for a laugh, there was one member of staff who was at times, a little over attentive towards me. Offering me ‘special cream’ and also asking me to go back to his house on the last day. Constant winks too. It was a little much, but the rest of the people on board didn’t experience this.
  • A couple of us also had money go missing, not large amounts but enough to be a bit annoying, only £30 for me, but still… unexpected and a bit well.. shit.
  • Tips – granted the staff on board worked their arses off, they were up at all hours and were always only too happy to help. However there were ‘recommended’ tips £30 for the dive guides and £30 for the staff. You didn’t have to put tips in and could actually put more or less in depending on your own personal experience. As a northern girl, who rarely tips I felt a little uncomfortable being told about these tips. I would have rather had an extra few quid added to the cost of the trip.
  • We all got some form of dicky tum which meant that a few people had to miss a few dives, a great shame! Although we can’t put it down to anything in particular, and its just one of those things, it did spoil it for a few people.
  • There were a few points during the week where we were pulled next to other boats, especially on the days where the non-divers were snorkelling, that the sewerage systems were being emptied. This was well, gross, and not pleasant for those having a surface swim. It would have been better to empty the sewerage tanks at night.

All in all, it wasn’t all it was built up to be, it was over priced – but the company on board and some great dives, it ended up a good holiday. Personally I wouldn’t do it again, and would only really rate it a 6 or 7 out of ten.


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    A fairly accurate review, I was expecting more diving considering the cost of the holiday. The people on board made the holiday along with a few sharks for good measure. Probably go back to Emperor for future diving holidays in Egypt to be honest.

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