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Dive Site Reviews
Original Diving

Dive Centre Review – Original Diving

Overview Original Diving is the only company dedicated to creating high-end diving adventures for clients. Its aim is to deliver the most original tailor-made diving holidays around the world and its success is based on persona...

Dosthill Quarry

Dosthill Quarry Dive Site Review

DostHill Quarry near Tamworth is a strange place… When you are driving to find it, you’ll end up in a housing estate, and right next to a church graveyard is the quarry carpark. I’m not religious, but I did fi...


Stoney Cove Dive Site Review

So the infamous Stoney Cove… It’s not somewhere I have ever wanted to go before, I had heard too many bad things about the diving there and with the press attention it gets when ever there is a tragedy there, I̵...


HMS Scylla Dive Site Review

Probably one of the most famous dive sites in the UK, the Scylla has a lot to live up too – and it does (for the most part) I was lucky enough to dive the Scylla as part of my PADI AOW. HMS Scylla is the UK’s first ...


Glen Strathallan Dive Site Review

I need to start this by saying, my only dive here was for my night dive on my PADI Advanced Open Water course, so not only do I not really remember alot about the actual site, but it was marred by some idiot who liked to kick m...


Fort Picklecombe Dive Site Review

The Fort Picklecombe dive site is home to a stunning reef with plenty of marine life. I was lucky enough to spot some large starfish, dead crabs, sea cucumber and plenty of underwater sand formations. There was a large variety ...


Bulldog Wreck Dive Site Review

My final and probably my favourite dive in Barbados on this trip… and nothing to do with holding hands with the lovely dive guide the whole way round! We dived the Bulldog reef at night. Starting with a swim out to the bo...


Asta Reef – Friars Craig – Lobster Reef Dive Site Review

These three dive sites tend to be done together, usually as a drift dive as you get reef, wreck and sand all in one! We started with Asta Reef where you’ll spot loads of reef like including snappers, barracudas, angel fis...


Carlisle Bay Dive Site Review

If you are lucky enough to be in Barbados, and I fully intend to get back there… then Carlisle bay is a must visit dive spot. I went after completing my Open Water with a bunch of newbie divers, whilst at the time I wasn&...

Abelard Site Plan_c

HMS Abelard Dive Site Review

One of the first places I ever dived after gaining my PADI Open Water Cert. was the Abelard wreck just off the coast of Plymouth. Unfortunately as we got out to the site by boat, it was beginning to get dark and so cut the dive...