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Dive School Review – The FCDC or The Folically Challenged Diving Club – Lanzarote

Posted September 21, 2012 by admin in Blog

Firstly we are not a diving school or diving business, we are a group of people who luckily live on the island of Lanzarote part of the Canary Island Group.
Our club came about one sunny Saturday morning after our usual dive and whilst sitting having tea the name came to us as all the guys diving that morning were extremely bald or getting that way. We also have a good number of ladies that are members.
We first got together as a group back in 2005 and since it’s very humble beginnings things have progressed dramatically over the last couple of years.
Our main aims to enjoy diving, and we are lucky to live in a country that gives us unlimited access to the sea from any location and with this in mind we have managed to dive over most of our island.
There are really only two main dive sites on the island, the main one being Puerto del Carmen which some days if you are very unlucky you can bump into hundreds of divers. The main reason of it appeal is that it’s 99% always calm water, plus it has a good half a dozen dive sites within easy reach, it’s also where a great majority of the dive schools are located.
The second location is in the village of Charco del Palo, situated on the eastern side of the island just 10minutes north of Costa Teguise. Charco del Palo again has a good number of dive sites within its location with one site in particular being close to our hearts as we found a huge cave system which we had verified from the local Spanish dive association and is now called Baldies Cave.
We all have a nicknames, girls included, too many to explain but here are some of names, Medical Mick, Dangerous Pete, Piggy John and Miss Piggy, Financial Fred, Mustachio Pete, Shrek and Princess Sue, Bilious Brian, Huggy Mike, Airtight Andy, Granny, Feline Franc, Wookie, Wurzel, Dodgy Dave, Barearse, The Duchess, Crisis Chris and more that come and dive from all over Europe.
We as a group get together on a regular basis and keep current with all the latest dive rules, regs and rubbish, we recently had a fund raising evening and purchased two 02 kits that are permanently kept at the two main dive sites. We publish everyday to all dive schools on Facebook the weather and tides from both main dive sites.
As a club on the island we have become very well known, one of the best compliments I overheard was from the owner of a leading school on the island say to the group of divers he was leading, take no notice of them old blokes, they may look tatty and weather beaten but if you want to learn anything about diving watch them underwater, they have more experience than most dive schools.

Difficult to know where to start, we have loads of them covering BSAC, PADI, SSI, CMAS and a couple of others from various members from around the world.
The main bunch of guys are all mainly Instructors and divemasters along with a great deal of members who maybe do not have the qualifications but are vastly experienced some having plus 7000 dives which as a non professional is an awesome amount of diving.
Our average age would be 50+ with our oldest guys 63 and they are still doing 3/4 dives per week.
We have often been asked why we do not start our own dive school, but we are happy to pass on the teaching to a number of schools that we work with, this gives us more freedom to enjoy the thing we love best. A number of us do work with some of the dive schools when busy.

Favorite diving spot.
This is almost impossible to answer, just asking around the table I have at least 10 different places around the world from Scapa to Sipidan but right at this moment anywhere around our rock, with water temperatures around 23/24 visibility 30/40mtrs and tons of sea life, what could be better.

Funniest Diving Moment.
A number of years ago, six of us got together in Puerto del Carmen for a pre BBQ dive. The weather was red hot so it was quickly into the water and when all ready, down we go. We had decided that a deep dive was the order of the day and very quickly we were down around 35/40 mtrs. Dangerous Pete our resident photo taker spotted an Angel shark lying at the entrance to a cave so while he was plying his trade the rest of us where just checking out the cave behind.
After a few minutes one of the blokes was waving his torch to get our attention and we all made our way over to him whereupon he is sifting through some sand where he has found what looks like a coin. Within seconds the place was like a builders yard with sand all over the place, by this time the Angel shark had been given a dig in the ribs by someone and had vacated his spot, and very soon we had found six coins. As you can imagine with sand all over the place it was not the best place to investigate our find so leaving the cave we all huddle around checking these coins out.
By this time it became noticeable that all six computers were going into meltdown, we had been so intent on the find that we had about 10 minutes of deco racked up so we all headed up gassing of all the way but extremely excited by our find.
On leaving the water we agreed not to hang about, but to quickly change and head up to the BBQ.
On arrival the excitement was amazing, one of the blokes has one of the smart phones and is quickly looking on the Internet for Spanish coins circa 1740, well it did not take very long before we found pictures of the coins and worth around 3000€.
As can be imagined this was the topic of conversation all afternoon, my wife had already spent our money on upgrading to business class to Australia, Dangerous Pete was talking about a new camera, the others I can’t remember but it was a real buzz. Medical Mick came out with a piece of paper with a contract for what I am not sure, but something to do with shares.
Right at this moment one of the blokes shouts out enough, and then went onto tell us how he had palmed the coins into the sand while we were checking out the Angel shark. He made sure he had left one just visible and the rest is history. After we had almost drowned him, he told us later he had brought them in a junk shop in London for a couple of quid, but they look perfect, in fact from that day my coin has never left my pocket, I carry it with me everywhere and whenever I see an Angel shark that story always comes back to me with a smile.

Essential bit of gear.
All of it, treat it well and it will look after you for years.

Contact Details
Facebook. FCDC Lanzarote Divers
Send a friends request and keep up with all the crazy goings on, plus most days our own Dangerous Pete & Piggy John put up loads of pictures.
If you ever head to our part of the world and you want a day out diving with a difference contact us

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