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Experience Days

Scuba Diving Experiences are the best way to get into diving! You will be with professionals who will look after you. Different experiences do different things but most will teach you the basics, get you used to the gear and then let you have a go. If you are umming and ahhhing about having a go, opt for one of the below, see if you like it (and I guarantee you will) and then take it from there!

Red Letter Days offer a large range of scuba experiences, from teaching kids to feel comfortable under water to an amazing diving with sharks experience!
Scuaba Experience For KidsScuba Diving ExperienceDiving With Sharks Experience

Buy A Gift also have a wide range of scuba experiences available from bubble maker experiences for kids to PADI open water courses.
experience scubascuba experience daypadi open water course

Prezzybox also offer Scuba Diving experiences, for one or two people. Discover the terminology and basics of scuba diving. You will get to play around with all the latest scuba gadgets and learn some great swimming tips for your scuba dive.

Scuba Diving for Two

We say, give it a try!

You’ll always be safe with professional instructors around you, and you’ll be given all the training you need to enjoy your first try at scuba diving.

Don’t panic the first time you put your head under the water, that initial worry is perfectly normal. The more you remain chilled out, the more you’ll enjoy it! Stick with it and you’ll soon be addicted!