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Fish Fight

Posted February 24, 2013 by admin in Blog

Logo FishfightLast night, while most of us were staring into one another’s eyes and getting all lovey dovey, Hugh Fearnly Whittington graced our screens with more on the Fish Fight saga. After leaving the surrounds of River Cottage and fighting for chicken rights, Hugh has been gearing the nation into a state of disarray with his Fish Fight series. With a little help from his famous chums along the way, Hugh has managed to have motions changed and altered and is hoping to rewrite the amount of MPA (Marine Protection Areas) across the EU. In a bid for more of these areas, it will mean a decline in where the big trawler fishing boats can trawl, allowing more time to replenish the seas with the fish that we love to eat so much.

The Save Our Seas campaign (SOS) is one that requires urgent attention. How we can help with the campaign is simply add your name to a database gathered on the Fish Fight website that will be put forward to the Government. They want to see how many people are actually interested in these MPA’s and are looking for large amounts in order to even lift their eyes to the paper that they names are printed on.

As a diver, how frustrating is it when you head down with a group and you find it difficult to find traces of sea-life? If we allow large trawler fishing boats to continue to over-fish and continue to discard fish that aren’t on ‘the quota’ we too will be missing out.

If you are interested in signing the campaign or joining up to the Fish Fight Army, all the information can be found on the Fish Fight website. It’s not just about altering the amount and regularity of fish that we eat, but it’s about saving our seas too. If enough people are interested and sign the SOS campaign that will be handed to the Governing bodies, maybe we can make a difference.

Check out the Fish Fight website for all the information, including a march to Parliament 25th February 2013.

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