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Four nice diving holiday destinations

Posted January 28, 2013 by admin in Blog

ScubadivingshortyDuring the winter season, people are always looking for places to go in order to get away from the cold. With cheap diving holidays, it is now possible to take a diving holiday during the cold season. While price is always a factor when it comes to holidays, you can now take this holiday at a discount. Scuba diving is a popular activity among people who like the outdoors, water and adventure. It involves going underwater with a scuba set which houses their breathing gas. For lovers of diving, winter can seem to last forever since they are unable to dive in their usual spots for months. This is especially so for recreational divers. However, at a discount, they may travel to warmer climates and enjoy a holiday full of fun and diving adventure.

1. Brazil
With much of Brazil’s coastline being transformed into sanctuaries in a bid to preserve marine life, it is a great destination for divers. Located in South America, Brazil is known for its mostly tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for divers. Diving in the sanctuaries provides the opportunity to swim among turtles, dolphins and other marine life, in addition to checking out historical shipwrecks.

2. Thailand
Thailand also provides a fantastic destination for divers; with its warm, tropical climate. At discounted rates, divers can have access to the famous sites of Phuket, Ko Tao, the Similan islands, as well as Surin islands. Even for people who are interested in the activity but do not know how, Thailand is a great place to learn since it is possible to do so at drastically reduced rates.

3. Egypt
The Red Sea in Egypt is a great holiday destination for diving. This world famous and renowned location experiences sunny weather and consequently, water sports and activities are very popular. Holidays along the beaches in Egypt are affordable, while diving provides the opportunity to view colourful and exotic fish, in addition to elaborate coral reefs.

4. Costa Rica
With tropical climate throughout the year, Costa Rica provides an ideal location for a holiday during the winter season in your country. In fact, the conditions for diving have been cited as being near perfect, owing to the enormous schools of fish and diversity of marine life.

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