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GoPro Hero3 Wrist Housing

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Accessories
GoPro Hero3 Wrist Housing

1 (2)The GoPro Hero 3 wrist housing is a brilliant product, especially if you are wanting to record footage of your dive. The Go Pro Hero wrist housing is part of Simply Scuba’s new product range and would make an excellent gift for Christmas.

The Go Pro Hero 3 is an amazing product that allows for you to film footage from your wrist. The Go Pro Hero straps onto your wrist like a watch so you are able to glide in the ocean without having the extra baggage of big camera. The Go Pro has been tested from up to 60 meters and delivers maximum sharpness for your underwater filming.

The Go Pro 3 isn’t specifically designed for Scuba Diving. The camera is perfect for activities such as Windsurfing, surfing, or Skiing and will provide excellent footage whatever activity that you undertake.

The Go Pro Hero is available from Simply Scuba and comes at the great price of £50. The possibilities are endless with this handy camera and you will really be able to capture some amazing footage.The camera is extremely practical, and whether you are skiing, surfing, snorkeling, or diving you will definitely find that the camera will capture some amazing footage.

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