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Great Scuba Packages

Posted September 1, 2012 by admin in Blog

Buying individual items can work out more expensive sometimes than buying a complete package. Simply Scuba has an exclusive and extensive collection of top-of-the-range equipment on offer to you. Take the plunge and have a look.

Simply Scuba Alpha 9 Regulator Package 

The Simply Scuba Alpha 9 regulator package includes the Oceanic Alpha 9 CDX5, Alpha 9 octopus and the Double Combi gauge. These regulators are at home in both warm and cold water conditions.
Price £380.00 (RRP £439.65)
Hollis SMS Sidemount Regulator Package 

The Hollis SMS Sidemount Regulator Kit two high performance DC1 environmentally sealed over-balanced diaphragm first stage, two balanced 212 second stages with inhalation and venturi adjustment, one 36″ and one 84″ low pressure regulator hoses, two omni swivels for the 212 second stages, two brass Hollis gauges on 6″ hoses, an adjustable regulator necklace and a 3″ bolt snap.
Price £999.95 (RRP £1,057.25) 
Apeks Sidemount Regulator Package

The Apeks DST first stage is a fully balanced diaphragm design with environmental seal to improved cold water protection. The standard four low pressure and been upgraded with the fifth port upgrade to allow for optimal hose routing of the inflator hoses to either drysuit and/or buoyancy device.
Price £892.50 (RRP £1,050) 
Aqua Lung Legend Supreme and Octopus

The new Aqua Lung Legend is smaller and lighter than the old model, providing a more comfortable dive. The balanced diaphragm first stage offers exceptional performance at any depth, cylinder pressure or condition and the added benefit of the environmental seal helps prevent cold conditions from affecting the first stage reliability.
Price £450.00 

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