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I Wish Pool Dives Counted

Posted June 6, 2012 by admin in Blog

I have spent countless hours in the pool, practicing skills or just having a fin about. Testing buyancy and keeping up to date with the rest of the scuba crew from DiveNut. I just wish I could log the dives! I get that they are not open water and often no deeper than 6m – but most of my training has been in ‘shallow’ water no deeper than 6m.
It’s frustrating for a UK based diver with limited access to large amounts of water who is forced to get in a pool or never dive during the off-peak season to not be able to log the pool dives.
What do you think? Should you be allowed to log your pool dives?
Some people think that it’s OK to log pool dives as log books are a place to keep track of your experiences, or a place to say when you tried a new bit of kit out, and your log, is your log! But that they don’t count as your total dive count.
I’ve even heard of people saying that you need to dive for 15′ for 20 minutes or it’s not a dive at all! That to me is ridiculous!
Some say if their computer logs it, they log it as a dive!
I do get that a pool dive is fairly stable conditions and is often only used for training or practicing… But it’s a shame not to log all those experiences.

I think from now on I’ll log my pool dives for my own reference, just a shame I haven’t kept track so far :(



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