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Are You Interested In Getting A Job In The Diving Industry?

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Blog
scuba diving career

imagesWhen it comes to Scuba Diving most people consider this to be a hobby rather than a job. At school the idea of scuba diving as a job doesn’t appear to exist in any sort of literature that you’re provided with by teachers, but this doesn’t mean to say that it isn’t available.

As a starting point you will need to be a good communicator with fantastic inter personal skills, good language skills and maths skills are also ideally required. If you tick all of these boxes the next question is what’s available? A good starting point is to consider looking in to diving stores, as this is an ideal opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Scuba Retail Assistant

As a retail assistant it is imperative that you know all about the diving kit. We’re not saying that you need to be fully experienced in being a diver, just make sure that you’re a bit of an equipment junkie as this will work in your favour. A great way to gain knowledge is to speak to experienced divers as well as reading plenty of literature including reviews of the latest kits; all of this will become beneficial in the long run.


The first thing to know about Divemaster positions is that in the UK these tend to be classed as unpaid work, but don’t let this put you off as again it’s experience that’s required. To begin with you will need to complete the PADI Divemaster course before you can even consider applying for this role. If you speak to a lot of dive centres you will find that candidates who apply for this role are already well known to the centres as they will have been involved in previous courses and trips. In the eyes of both parties it’s in their interest to have as many Divemasters as possible as the centre will require as many capable people as possible, as well as the Divemasters wanting as much experience as possible.

A Divemaster position is considered to be the perfect was of breaking the ice to becoming an instructor, but in other Countries this isn’t always the case. This sort of position abroad is ideal for anybody who just loves diving. If this is you then the best way to make you more employable is to become a qualified boat handler, RYA level 2 at least or above is required for this. On a final note if you’re able to attend a compressor maintenance course then this will make you stand out even more from the rest.

Scuba Equipment Technician

You could also train as a scuba technician who are required to repair and service all of the dive gear where needed. A lot of dive centres in the UK don’t have full time technicians working for them so this is good to bear in mind as there maybe other jobs in the dive centre that require your skill set in the meantime. Intensive courses are available as a starting point and from here you will then need to attend a manufacturer specifics course, usually these will need to be sponsored by your dive centre.

Dive Instructor

To become a Diving Instructor is like striking gold to most people who are looking in to a diving career and for this you don’t necessarily need to be a brilliant diver, but being an excellent teacher is a must. Obviously you will need to be fully competent in the water but you will need to love teaching. For this job it will be down to you to teach entry level courses regularly, so if you have a short attention span and bore easily then this position isn’t right for you. To become a sought after instructor you will need to be qualified as a PADI instructor and it’s also recommended that you’re also qualified with other agencies such as BSAC, SSI, CMAS.

To Conclude

Qualifications are a must but also a lot of it comes down to the individual’s personality. By being knowledgeable, responsible, fun and friendly, these are all great traits that are sought after in the diving industry.

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