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Mares Icon HD Air

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Dive Computer
Mares Icon HD Air

1 (3) The future of scuba diving is here. The Mares Icon HD Air enables for the diver to measure their depth and enables for the user to store images, photos, and digital maps of diving spots. The Icon HD Air requires lithium batteries and provides a wide range of different attributes.

The Icon Air shows all the information about the diver in case of an emergency. The Icon Air also shows the diver a range of pre planned routes. This enables for the user to have an idea of their route whilst underwater. The Icon Air also shows the user the different depths that you have dived at. The range of different depths are able to be viewed via the computer system enabling for you to have a range of different information available to you. The Icon also has a built in compass that will give the user a directional indication. The Icon Air also enables for the user to gather information about the water. All the details of the water is included on the Air Icon allowing you to have to most information about your dive as possible. The Temperature and depth is also available which will also provide you valuable information when diving.

Overall, there are a wide range of different features on the Icon Air. The computer has a range of different features and will provide you with the utmost information about your dive. This computer is available at and is a Scuba Divers ultimate tool. The Icon Air is available at the price of £679 and is excellent for anyone who is passionate about Scuba Diving.

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