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Red Sea Sharks

Posted August 27, 2012 by admin in Blog

The Red Sea Sharks Trust was set up in April 2012 by Dr Elke Bojanowski who has been studying the Red Sea Sharks since 2004. A leading expert in all things Shark and Red Sea, she set up the trust to encourage divers to learn more about these stunning creatures. The Trust aims to support shark research projects in the Red Sea and provide information and education on sharks and their worldwide situation.

They are spending hours on projects that include photo-identification catalogues for three Red Sea shark species, the oceanic whitetip shark, the grey reef shark, and the silky shark, as well as a general shark monitoring programme.

The ultimate goal of the Red Sea Sharks trust is to collect information for the conservation and protection of sharks.

So how can divers get involved?

Pop on down to their website – and find out more, start telling people about what they are doing!
Adopt a shark – from as little as £5 a month you can name the shark and get regular updates when your shark is sighted! Pretty cool!
One-off donation – As much or as little as you can afford. Simple!
Purchase merchandise – Not much to choose from, but you can still contribute!
Or even become a corporate sponsor!

Having seen these sharks first hand, and granted been mega scared of them at first, you have to appreciate their grace and beauty in the water. With shark populations dwindling, we need to make sure the sharks of the Red Sea have a fighting chance!

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