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Review – Complete Coral Reef Guide – Red Sea (Delta Egypt Press)

Posted August 27, 2012 by admin in Blog
2012-08-27 17.58.13

I’m going to start this one by saying – it was only USD $2 / 1.5 Euros…
I bought it in Hurghada airport, on the way home from a week’s diving (you can read that review on here too) – It was a little novelty item I thought my 3 year old nephew would like to look at. Also something to help me identify all the pics I took when out there.
It’s a fold out – 8 sides in total of colourful pictures and drawings, along with the name, size it grows too and latin name. Each animal/plant also has a classification of ‘potentially dangerous’ and ‘don’t touch’ – really handy to know!
It’s a great little airport buy, although I was majorly disappointed to see that there was no hammerhead shark or thresher shark as they were pretty spectacular to see, but you can only squeeze so much on i suppose!

Complete Coral Reef Guide - Red Sea (Delta Egypt Press)

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