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Review – Scuba Divers Sign Language Manual

Posted August 27, 2012 by admin in Blog

Being able to tell your buddy something under water – be it a cool fish or the fact you are in trouble is key. Not being able to communicate effectively is potentially a life threatening situation, which is why it’s always important before a dive to ensure you and your buddy are familiar with each others hand signals.
If like me you were trained to a ‘technical standard’ you may have different hand signals to everyone else. I’m joking here as actually the basic hand signals for your open water were taught to me a little differently, so I have had great fun re-learning them and educating my buddy as to what I mean.
I think communication is key, so I invested in the Scuba Divers Sign Language Manual – so I could brush up on my diving hand signals and double check what else I had been taught differently!
It’s a great little book, full of useful hand signals that can help you point out a turtle or tell your buddy you have cramp. It’s pocket sized so fits nicely in your gear without being big and bulky. You can even put it in your handbag/manbag for refreshing your skills on the way to work/the dive site.
I’m not sure how many of the signals are used on a day to day basis, but it’s a cheap book to have to increase your skills further!

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