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Shark hoodie from

Posted February 12, 2013 by admin in Blog

Shark hoodie

Whilst browsing the web for all things fish, shark and scuba related, I fell across this amazing site called Not only is this an amazing site, dedicated to all thing dino and dinosaur aged, but the creator is mad about all things like this too! She has admitted to snorkelling, but is yet to try scuba diving. Maybe we could get her out and about, and I’m sure a few purchases of this amazing shark hoodie wouldn’t go amiss to help her decision to get out in the water.

The Shark hoodie is a brilliant adaptation of the meat-eater and has a certain flair and fun factor about it. Obviously, not for folks that take themselves ever so seriously, but certainly for everyone else. I love it because it n-capturesĀ a fun side to the diving experience, and is perfect for teachers and experts wishing to scare the students a little before embarking on a dive with sharks.

Comfortable, fun and affordable, the hoodies are handmade and created by Charlotte – the seamstress of the duo (Paul is the other creator of this fun site). The company was created in 2010 and since then has blasted into full speed with over 800 hoodies sold all over the world. Dino Hoodies have had their own TV debut on a variety of shows, least to mention Celebrity Juice!

You can personalise your hoodie to an extent, but we simply love the Shark hoodie. Ideal for any and all scuba diver, no matter how scared or a lover of sharks you may be…they’re just brilliant. Check out the website now!

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