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T-rex Titanium Knife

Posted October 25, 2013 by admin in Knife

tit__2__1When you are scuba diving a knife can be very important. A knife can help divers cut them selves loose when in a difficult situation and a knife can really come in handy. The T-rex Titanium knife is ergonomically and conventionality created to ensure that you have a great option. The knife is both sturdy and easily portable to ensure that it doesn’t effect your dive at all.

The knife will be presented to you in a box and includes a hose mounting facility and weight belt mounting kit. This knife is an excellent gift to buy especially as Christmas is coming up. However, there are many different health and safety procedures that need to be addressed. The knife should be used in diving purposes only and should be used with utmost care and attention.

The knife is available on the Deep Blue Dive website and has received many different positive reviews. One of the reviews stated that the knife was “A great lightweight knife with a really good feel to the handle.” Another review stated that the knife was an “Excellent knife with very good quality and fittings to mount.”

As you can see the majority of the reviews are positive and this knife is an excellent gift especially with Christmas coming around the corner. The price of the knife has also been reduced from £69.95 to £44.95 which is also a positive. Overall, the T-rex knife is an excellent product for any diver, and it is definitely a recommendation from I Love Scuba Diving.

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