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Scuba Smurf

That is all – he is my new dive buddy and may well end up on some pictures soon! Another random ebay buy! I must stop buying things on ebay! Doh!


Scuba Voodoo Doll Keyring

Sometimes you stumble across something late at night, when on the devil that is ebay, that you just cant resist. I came across a listing on ebay for a random voodoo scuba doll complete with a mask, snorkel and fins. For only £...

New In at Simply Scuba

Check out our Just Arrived section for all the latest additions to Simply Scuba. Constantly being updated, you can find new items to suit any budget, large or small, and to suit any need, from mask scrubs to dive computers. Div...

2012-08-27 13.39.42

Clips Clips Clips

Ok so maybe as divers we are supposed to be as streamlined as possible, not just for efficiency in the water, and being able to find all your various instruments but also to ensure we don’t accidentally knock something un...

Underwater Lights

It’s no good diving if you can’t see half of what’s around you, and there’s where underwater lights come in. Underwater dive lights allow you to replace the colours lost when underwater due to lack of li...