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Tank Bangers – We Should All Have One

Posted September 4, 2012 by admin in Accessories

Hurrah! My new tank banger has arrived! For those of you who have never played with a tank banger, its a small plastic ball on a cord… It wraps around your cylinder/tank and is used for grabbing attention under water. As all divers know, trying to get someone’s attention to show them a fish or more importantly alert them to potential danger; can be tough. There are a few techniques you can use like making a moaning noise or using a torch or making a fist and slapping your other hand. You can also twang the tank banger to create a clear clanging noise under water.Tank Bangers It’s a really effective signalling device as it’s kept out of the way and only needs one hand to use.
The only tip I would have is to make sure you practise twanging it so your buddy and you both know what it sounds like. Try and get a brightly coloured one so if needed your buddy can find it and twang it for you, and don’t just rely on it to get your buddies attention!

If you want one then pop on over to our friends at Simply Scuba and you’ll find one here.

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