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Torches for the fading light / poor visability

Posted September 8, 2012 by admin in Accessories

It’s slowly but surely happening…the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Autumn is approaching. With Autumn comes the wet and windy weather, and those gloomy grey skies. Don’t fret! Simply Scuba has a range of underwater torches and lights that will help shine the way through the gloom and doom of underwater adventures. Don’t let the darkness stop you from diving, shine a light on it with Simply Scuba.

Underwater Kinetics C4 Lantern 

This versatile 4 C-cell dive light is good for divers who prefer a small intense light with a pistol style grip. The unique dual lamp system allows for safety backup and 60 hours total lamp life Two 6.6 watt high power Xenon lamps available with the flick of a switch Nonbreakable push locking switch Polarized battery compartment reduces battery leakage Integral pistol grip and shock absorbing bezel cover Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction. Rubber sleeve lanyard and disposable alkaline adapter included.
Price £61.95 
Hollis LED Mini3 Torch 

The LED Mini3 from Hollis is a new 3 LED dive torch and is ideal as a primary backup diving torch. This handheld torch has a total burntime of 4 hours and provides 210 lumens of light. A great pocket sized diving torch.
Price £61.00 
Scubapro Nova Light 230

The Nova Light 230 from Scubapro is a super powerful LED light with an output of 250 lumens and a burn time of 18 to 20 hours. A great scuba torch as it can be taken to a depth of up to 120 metres.
Price £67.50 
Metalsub XRE500 Rechargable Handheld Torch 

This Handheld Torch by TUSA is a rechargeable torch with an internal battery and MP400 charger. This TUSA torch can burn for 120 minutes and has variable light power, SOS signal and beacon signal.
Price £198.00 

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