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TUSA Visio Tri-Ex Max Review

Posted May 4, 2012 by admin in Blog

I purchased the TUSA Visio Tri-Ex mask some time ago now, in the flourescent yellow of course. Until recently I have only used it on pool dives and it’s been a great companion in the water. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a great field of vision, nothing gets in your way at all. It’s brilliant in that respect. It’s also really comfortable, not too heavy so you almost feel like it isn’t really there. It’s also fab for doing skills in as it’s dead easy to get on and off your head along with some easy places to put your fingers for clearing.
TUSA have spent some time on this mask ensuring it has a superb field of vision, which when diving is kind of important for enjoyment and safety. They have totally eliminated the inner frame that usually you find on a mask blocking the field of vision. They also came up with a super slim frame, again for excellent vision but to also make it nice and lightweight.

There is one problem though, and actually it’s a fairly substantial problem… The nose part is sunk quite far back so as soon as you add in your gloves on a colder water dive – you can’t equalise without some struggling. I have worked out the technique now, and thats to grab my nose from my lips rather than straight on. But still – I would have thought TUSA would have tested this out!

That being said, for those who only dive in the pool or warmer waters (and I know there are a fair few of you) It’s the perfect mask! I bought it as part of a package from Simply Scuba, and for that, it’s really worth while and a cheaper alternative. It’s a decent price – check it out here.


TUSA Visio Triex mask



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